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Big Book Club's "What the Whale!"

Our Mission: To read really big books, talk about them online, and cheer each other on when necessary.

Each week librarians Jennie, Megan, Pete and Alex ask and answer questions that come up during our online Sunday night discussion, drop pop-culture references, talk to guest experts, and more.

Previous books: War and Peace (summer 2018); Middlemarch (winter 2019)

The Big Book Club is a production of the Arlington Public Library, Arlington Virginia

Sep 18, 2018

In which we try to figure out how we feel about "War and Peace" and why Tolstoy has such staying power. And Jennie sings ALL the songs.

The Chinese proverb Jennie refers to is often translated as either:

Sep 9, 2018


Important Announcements!

Vote now for the Big Book Club's Winter 2018/2019 book! The poll will remain open until the end of October.

The War and Peace Survivors Party is scheduled for Sunday, September 30, from 3:30-5:30 p.m. We hope to see you there! RSVP if you think you can make it, so we know how many snacks to...