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Big Book Club's "What the Whale!"

Our Mission: To read really big books, talk about them online, and cheer each other on when necessary.

Each week librarians Jennie, Megan, Pete and Alex ask and answer questions that come up during our online Sunday night discussion, drop pop-culture references, talk to guest experts, and more.

Previous books: War and Peace (summer 2018); Middlemarch (winter 2019)

The Big Book Club is a production of the Arlington Public Library, Arlington Virginia

May 31, 2018

So many references, we thought we ought to Librarian them for you...

Third Eye Blind's song "Narcolepsy," verse 3: “I read dead Russian authors, volumes at a time/I write everything down except what’s on my mind”

War - Edwin Starr (Original Vinyl)

Natasha, Pierre & the Great Comet of 1812 - a "Sung through musical...

May 31, 2018

Looking for a challenge? Always wanted to read Russian literature, but never had time? Like talking about books with other people?

You are invited to join us in reading the very big book, "War and Peace" with us this summer!

We'll read approximately 100 pages each week, talk about it online, cheer each other on when the...